Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some Friendly Reminders

First I wanted to give a big thanks to all those who helped me with my logline. I am sooo appreciative and will be posting an update soon.

Now for the friendly reminders to anyone stopping by...this Friday and Monday we have some pretty cool things happening around here.

Friday, Martha Alderson, better known as the Plot Whisperer is stopping by to chat it up with us. This woman is phenomenal at helping you take your idea and running with it. My current WIP was just an idea until I found her You Tube series. She also has a new book out this month, Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master, that I will be giving away. Cool right?

Then come Monday I am helping out with two fabulous blogfests.

Killer Characters Blogfest - Have fun, win prizes and gush about your favorite killer characters at this fest.


Choose Your Adventure Blogfest - Join us on a journey where only you can decide which path to choose.

I hope to see you around!


Angela Cothran said...

I'm so excited for the Killer Characters Blogfest. Characters are my favorite part of reading and writing. I'm so excited to see what everyone comes up with.

Jenny S. Morris said...

Can't wait for Monday. I am so excited to read abot everyone's Killer Characters.

The Adventure Blogfest sounds awesome too.

Unknown said...

Both Blogfests sound interesting. I'm going to go research these, thanks. Good luck with the contest!!

LisaAnn said...

You are so creative... I love all the stuff you always have going on! :)