Thursday, March 10, 2011


This has been something I have been working on since my last critique, but I have decided to do a major overhaul of my guardian angel story. 

Being a writer and learning as I go, I had to write a whole novel to realize that it wasn't what I wanted out of my writing.  I love that I think I am growing...I guess the agents I query will be the true judge of that though.

So far I have done three outlines (which totally works for me because I don't have to hold it all in my brain which is already exploding with thoughts to move the story along as I go).  These outlines are not even close to being uniform but they help me stay on the path intended.  When I see I'm veering off I make sure it is something I want to do and if it is I scribble down another outline. 

I am on chapter 10 and have decided the book is going to be called Angel Walker.  Well, it's what I like either as a first title or as the series name.

Here is a small blurb I wrote to semi-describe what the book is about.   Let me know what you it catchy?  Is it lacking?  I'd love to get some opinions.

Mackenzie Shae discovers her destiny is unlike most seventeen year olds when she turns a guardian angel into a human with the mere touch of her hand.  How will she cope when she realizes she has stripped her only protector of his abilities in a time when she is being hunted by the evils of this world and the one beyond?


Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

I'm on my third MS and still trying to find my niche. lol

Jennifer said...

I am stopping over from She Writes. I think it sounds like a great concept! I'm not sure about the title but maybe it fits better when you read the whole story. Good Luck!

Jolene Perry said...

LOVE your paragraph. Cool twist :)

Deana said...

Thanks so much!