Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Free For All...In Bullet Points

UPDATE: I almost forgot to tell you that my agent and I were interviewed on Cupid's blog HERE. You should check out what Sarah says because she gives some very good querying pointers.

Now back to the regularly scheduled post:)

I'm a list maker.

When I get in planning mode I make tons of lists that eventually get buried under new lists and so on and on and on.

This past week I've been in that list making mindset as I plan the second annual Gearing Up to Get an Agent Blogfest.

Don't know what I'm talking about? GO HERE to learn more.

I'm excited about this years blogfest for so many reasons. 

Let me list them for you...

  • I got an agent. Yep. Old news. I know you're sick of hearing it. But because of this, I am determined, more than ever, to pay it forward through this blogfest. I want to be your cheerleader and I hope this blogfest shows it. 
  • Like last year, GUTGAA will end with a pitch contest.
  • There will be more agents!
  • There will be surprises!
  • There is a new blog badge!
  • There will be prizes!
  • And there will be fun!!!!
  • The month long party will start September 3rd! 
  • Sign ups will begin this coming Monday, July 16th!
  • We will be very interactive on Twitter...because I have discovered that I LURVE Twitter so very much:) @deanabarnhart for those who want to chat it up:)
  • The hashtag will be #GUTGAA.
  • Spread the word!!!!
  • Can't wait to see you there!
Do you have any questions? Do you just want to cheer? I'm good for both if you want to put them in the comments below:)


Cassie Mae said...

Oh I have a question! But I'll have to email you with it, lol. :)

Philip Siegel said...

Thanks for hosting this contest! And I have become a total twitter junkie, too. 140 characters is always easier to write than a blog post.

Congrats again on the agent!

Andrea Mack said...

Sound exciting! Maybe this will be the push I need to get on Twitter.

Kimberly Gabriel said...

I've heard so many great things about last year's blog hop. I'm looking forward to GUTGAA 2012! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this!

Brinda said...

I'll have to check this out!

Donna K. Weaver said...

I love lists, too. My May and June (and now first half of July) have been so crazy that I haven't updated my white board list--still has April's stuff on it. I'm going to fix that this weekend.

Deana said...

Yes Cas, email away:)

Phil, you are so right!!!

Andrea, I hope you get on it. I love it:)

I'm so happy you all are excited! It's going to be so much fun!

Leigh Covington said...

sa-WEET! I have to go check it all out! And I'm totally a list maker too! Keeps me sane!

Emily R. King said...

Yay! So excited!

PK HREZO said...

Oh awesome! That was so much fun last year! I'm in!! I saw your interview on Cupid's. So great!! I was wondering when your story would be posted there.
Thanks so much for the congrats from Xmas in July. I was pretty stoked for the honorable mention, so I appreciate that :D

Morgan said...

New follower here... came by to say thanks for the follow! And you have a fabulous blog... and this fest sounds fantastic... ;)

VikLit said...

Oooh this sounds GREAT!

Angela Brown said...

It's just so awesome that you want to pay the love forward by doing another GUTAA. Going to go check out the interview :-)

Katie Dunn said...

Count me in!
I noticed last year you went with using the comments. Any thoughts on using a LinkyList for this one?

Anonymous said...

Woot, wOOt!! I was just looking for your badge earlier today to post it on my sidebar but didn't see new one yet--guess b/c it's later this year. You still swamped in boxes? Off to check out your interview:-)

Carrie-Anne said...

I'm looking forward to the contest, even though I've begun strongly leaning towards the idea of indie or e-publishing for at least some of my books. The holidays start midway through September, so hopefully things won't get too crazy with keeping up with the blogfest while observing so many back to back holidays.

amy kennedy said...

I had soooo much fun last year and "met" great people. You are a true...linker, people get to know other people through you.

Thanks so much for paying it forward!

amy kennedy said...

And, I forgot to say how much I adore lists. Lists are my friends. Really, really god friends.

Tara Tyler said...

really looking forward to this! will get back to you in detail this week, i've been out of town =)

ali cross said...

Sounds like a fabulous fun time!