Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Swear I haven't Abandoned Ship!!!

I've just been in the moving hole and I couldn't get out! It was a lot harder this go round than I expected. I think it was because I had to move, then get the kids registered for school, then my computer crashed AND I'm trying to plan this awesome Blogfest/Pitch contest. CRAZY TIMES!

It's all going to work out though and I'm feeling pretty good about a number of things.

1)Almost all my boxes are unpacked!

2)My buddies Ilima Todd and Cassie Mae got agents! And Kelley Lynn signed a publishing contract then, a week later she and Jenny Morris landed an agent with their collaboration piece!!!

3)Writeoncon is going on and the slew of info coming out of it is ALL good!

4) The Alabama radio stations are pretty killer.

5)I found out I have a year warranty on my computer so hopefully the Geek Squad can help a girl out...for free when they fix my computer. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't lose anything on it. Yep, like a dip stick I didn't back anything up. Eek!

How about you? How is your week going?

If you wanna get in on the GUTGAA Blogfest/Pitch Contests go HERE to sign up. 


Jenny S. Morris said...

Sucky that your computer crashed fingers are crossed they fix it. Hope unpacking and the start of school goes well.

Thanks so much for the shout out. ;0)

Bill the Butcher said...

Truth to tell...not so hot.

For almost six years my main online site was, where I was posting my writing and where I had almost all my online contacts. As of may last year I shifted my online writing site to this one, but Multiply was still my primary networking site and I used to cross-post articles from here there. Now, Multiply has announced that as of 1 December they're going to close down their blogging site and convert to a marketing site (a doomed venture as many people have pointed out) and I'm left with over 2400 items of original writing, thousands of photos, many tens of videos and I don't even know how many responses (which were often more entertaining and informative than anything else) to save. I'm using a tool called HT Track to download and save the site but I don't know how much use it will be.

All this has had a deleterious effect on my writing. I am drawing a cartoon on this site, but that's hardly a substitute for writing.

Also I'm cripplingly busy at work.

Stephanie said...

Hey Deana. I hope it's okay that I went ahead and did a post on GUTGAA on my blog.

Here's the link to it:

Let me know if that works, or if you'd like me to tweak it in places.

ilima said...

Welcome back, Deana! We missed you, and thanks for the shout out. Now just sit, take a deep breath, and enjoy a cold beverage with that awesome radio music for a minute. GUTGAA is going to be great!

Cassie Mae said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! And uh... do I need to sign up for the GUTGAA? I still want to help out as much as I can!

Jennie Bennett said...

Good luck with your computer! That sounds so frustrating. And good luck with moving stuff too, I know how hard that can be. Cheers!

Carrie-Anne said...

I hope they fix your computer. It seems like modern computers break and wear out faster than the older ones. My family's first computer was one of the original '84 Macs (I think it was the later 156K and not the first 128K), and it lasted until September '93, when there was some kind of short circuit. Then our second computer, a '93 Mac, lasted long enough to be passed down to me, and sadly also short-circuited in May of 2002 when a cup of water spilled into the back. I still miss both of those computers and would love to buy them again through eBay.

I've been participating in Write On Con this week, and I've been given new confidence in querying some of my historicals with younger characters as YA, even though it's not a very popular YA genre at the moment. I'm also confident in reclassifying (at least the first two books of) my introductory Atlantic City series as MG, not lower YA. It's been so wonderful to see more than a few other historical writers there, writers who do straight historical instead of "sexy historical" or paranormal or fantasy that just happens to be set in the past.

Anonymous said...

Glad your boxes are getting there...I really don't like moving! Somehow, it's less of an adventure and a lot more work than when I was a kid! Hope you love your new home!


Unknown said...

Glad you've gotten moved and mostly unpacked! Love computer warranties! Yay! for all the gals who've acquired agents and a publisher. :)))

Working fast and furious on August Camp Nano. Hoping I get it finished by the end of the month. I really, really want to do GUTGAA this year. Is is silly if I have two projects in mind? One adult and one children's? Or should I focus on one?

About to grab my badge. :)

Kelley Lynn said...

Oh man, good radio stations are KEY. Luckily that is working out.

Thanks so much for the shout out!!!

Emily R. King said...

Loved WriteOnCon! Learned SO much.

Hope you've saved your computer!

alexia said...

Glad you're almost done unpacking! Man, how did I miss this year's GUTGAA announcement? I took a little blog break, and I think it went up right after that. Well, I'm signed up now. Can't wait!

Shiela Calderón Blankemeier said...

WriteOn was great! It really helped my query and pitch so I'm all ready for GUTGAA! Thanks for all your hard work and best of luck in the new place :)

Juliana L. Brandt said...

Fingers crossed for your computer!'re already unpacked?? Ugh. Jealous ;)

Nick Wilford said...

You've got a lot on your plate. Sounds like you're handling it well, though! Excited for GUTGAA... better get cracking with the old spit and polish, just as well I just got a huge amount of awesome feedback from a CP!