YA Psychological Thriller
Title: To Be Determined
Work in progress

YA Magical Realism
Title: Beneath the Stairs
Work in Progress

YA Sci-Fi
Title: Ripple
Series Potential
Agent has on Submission

Kali Addison turns seventeen the day nukes annihilate her dad's time machines. Her birthday presents? A dead family and the truth--time travel has nothing to do with science and everything to do with her.
Since her dad's work has turned to ash, it seems Kali is now a freaking time machine, and those responsible for ridding the world of them know she's even more. Too bad Kali doesn't. Maybe the oh-so-hot guy, who shows up every time she's catapulted into the past can help her figure things out. But knowing the whole truth would mean facing a life she forgot for a reason.
Now she must decide what's more important: Continuing to live in the dark, or embracing the danger of who she's always been. If she chooses wrong. Time is up. For everyone.

YA Paranormal Romance
Title: Angel Walker
Crap-hole first novel written
Mackenzie Shae discovers her destiny is unlike most seventeen year olds when she turns a guardian angel into a human with the mere touch of her hand. How will she cope when she realizes she has stripped her only protector of his abilities in a time when she is being hunted by the evils of this world and the one beyond?