Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

I know August isn't the official new year but for me I get all kinds of giddy for a few things. This year especially! So I thought with my limited internet connection and things still in boxes I would day dream for a bit about some things I am looking forward to.

1) SCBWI Midsouth Writers Conference - I am super pumped about this in Nashville this year!!!

2) Rach Harrie's Third Writers' Platform Building Campaign - This should be a blogfest of ultimate proportions. I have heard only good things about it.

3) The 2nd Annual WriteOnCon - For those not able to attend conferences, this one is online, uber-big and FREE!

4) School is starting back for the kiddos which means a writing schedule for me. I can hardly wait for that...though I will miss the kids during the day.

5) Personal deadline to finish my first draft of Ripple Effect (end of August)

So these are a few of my favorite things for August. What about you? Do you have anything coming up you are excited for?


Christa Desir said...

These are all good things. I am looking forward to a more solid writing schedule when kids go to school as well. BTW, I mentioned you on my blog this morning about how I got an agent. :)

Angela Cothran said...

Amen about kids back in school! Thanks for the conference tips :)

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

I'm planning on catching snippets of WRITEONCON if life permits

I'm excited about the kids going to school. They LOVE school, and I like having a little bit more time to write :)

But before school comes, I volunteered to watch my cousin's five kids for a week. That makes it me and 10 kids (oldest is 11, two nine yo, a 7 year old, the rest are younger than that. Two sets of twins!) So I'm trying not to get too excited about school until I get through the week before. LOL

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm participating in WriteOnCon too and I can't wait!

Poetic Soul said...

Fact that you used the sound of music made this post more enjoyable to me, its my all time favorite.. Love your list, will mentally do mine

Juliana L. Brandt said...

Eee! Nashville?? I hadn't realized it was here and now I live here! How convienent :)

Kristin Rae said...

I was just thinking about The Sound of Music today... and now here's a photo! :)

The end of August is my personal deadline to finish my first draft of my WIP too, but I'm not really sure how realistic it is! I'm only just over 40k words! EEEK!

Leslie S. Rose said...

Ah, the hills are alive with the sound of my new 5th grade class. I always love the stunned look on their faces when they meet me on the first day.

Debbie Maxwell Allen said...

I'm excited that August will bring to a close a huge editing project I've been working on for a client. It's blissful to think I'll be able to focus on my own WIP!


Deana said...

One kids in school today:) Poor thing was so nervous she had a rash on little cheek.

As for the conference. I'm totally bummed, I went to register and the Sat session is filled:(. Plus with my move, I don't think I will make my end of August deadline for August:(

Oh, well I guess there are other conferences and I can push the deadline to Sept I suppose.