Sunday, March 20, 2011


This post is one filled with mixed emotions.  I am thrilled to say the first 312 words of my YA novel have been picked for third place in Gabriela's Birthday Bash Contest!  I've been doing some dancing let me tell ya. 
As a prize I get to have the uber-lovely Lora Rivera from the Claire Gerus Literary Agency critique my query. 
So this is where the mixed emotions part comes in...I haven't done one before.  I have about a million sites set as favorites giving me tips on how to write a killer query but I fear it like the plague.  For some reason putting a three hundred page book into a couple paragraphs sends me running for the hills. 

Enough whining!  There is no better than the present to get moving on it, especially with Ms. Rivera waiting patiently...or not, as the case may be.

In my quest for all things query, I found an e-book that I really like and thought I would spread the love.  Elana Johnson, From the Query to the Call  Check it out!    


Ottilie Weber said...

I wish you the best of luck I did query letters for months, sent out over 60. I agree I loathed them more then almost everything more then anything else in life! If summerizing wasn't bad enough it is also selling yourself/book! I wish you the best of luck!!

Deana said...

Thanks Ottilie! It's good to know you can get through them:)

Ottilie Weber said...

Your welcome! You get through them, they just don't bring the best of you as you learn the true limits of your patience