Monday, April 25, 2011

A Couple Things

Before I delve into the many faucets of writing and publishing, hopefully gathering helpful information and communicating them to you simply, I first want to clarify a couple things. 

As I stated in my last post, you can find a million opinions out there about how you should do what and when in reference to writing and getting published.  When you come here I will give you the 'writing for dummies' version--the simple of the simple--and always stick to two things when deciding which rules fit for the beginning writer.

1) I err on the side of caution for the newbie writers trying to be published.  For example: if the safe way to get an agent to read your first three chapters is to "show, not tell" but you have a butt-load of information you feel needs to come out about the main character right away, then I'm going to suggest you weave it into the action instead of just explaining it.  Do some authors get published with long ramblings and descriptions about their characters?  Well sure.  But do you want to risk it on your first novel?  I don't think I so.

2) I am of the mind you should do what, deep down in your heart of hearts, you feel is right in regards to your writing.  ALWAYS!

That's it. 

Yes, I am aware these two rules can often times coincide with one another.  If rule number one isn't melding with what your heart tells you and you have consulted with some outside help, possibly a critique group (we will talk about them in the near future), mentor, etc and you are just certain you need to do it the unconventional way, then by all means do it!  I have read many debut novels that don't stick to guidelines and are wonderful reads...yours may be as well.  I am merely here to give information in a simple way.  But heck, sometimes life isn't simple!  In that case go with rule number two and follow your heart.

What about you, anyone out there want to share about times they had to go with gut over protocol?


Wednesday I'm going to cover adverbs--such lovely little buggers aren't they--and why they are a no no in the writing world.

Until then...


Book Lover said...

Loved this. So many rules... thanks for covering them, I need all of the help I can get. I'm looking forward to your post on Wednesday.

Deana said...

Thanks Mandie, I found this quote today about the rules of writing I thought was funny..."There are three rules to writing. Unfortunately no one knows what they are." Sounds like we can all use all the help we can get:)

Leslie S. Rose said...

Hey, Deana. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm enjoying yours. There are so many "rules" out there, it is important we listen to our hearts. After all, we are artists.

Deana said...

Couldn't agree more Leslie! Thanks for stopping by too:)

Book Lover said...

Haha that's a funny quote! So true. I guess if it works it works. I'm still trying to figure out what works for me lol