Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Platforms ... not the shoes ... and 'Firsts Fridays'

Oh snap, how I want these to be the platforms I'm talking about!  Can I tell you how much I love zombies?  Let me dream for a moment I have great legs and a killer zombie book out on the shelves and am sporting these bad puppies on my 'round the world' book tour....

That was nice, thanks for allowing my indulgence.

Now, where were we?  Oh, yes, platforms...the writer kind.

What is a writers platform?
Christina Katz wrote a wonderful book about just this.  Get Known Before the Book Deal, is an inspiring read if you are hoping to one day be a published author or already are and need some marketing help.  In her words: "The word platform simply describes all the ways you are visible and appealing to your future, potential, or actual readership.  Your platform includes your Web presence, any public speaking you do, the classes you teach, the media contacts you’ve established, the articles you’ve published, and any other means you currently have for making your name and your future books known to a viable readership."

Do you need a platform before, or after the book deal?
Again, in Christina's words: "Platform development is important not only for authors; it’s also crucial for aspiring and soon-to-be authors."

She goes on to say that often times, authors who don't worry about platform until after the book deal don't have much of a leg to stand on and eventually their book goes out of print.  It is a definite eye opener I think we, as newbies, should consider. 

So this is me considering it. 
Because seriously, what do I have going for me in the writing world besides one day having a book published (what can I say, I'm an optimist)? 

I met my man-to-be in college and dropped out to get married and have babies.  I have been a stay at home mom for going on seven years.  All I have is a dream and a computer, but that computer can do miracles right?  We blog, we cyber-hang, we network.  Even the uneducated have a shot at this!

This brings me to my 'Firsts Fridays'
In a previous post I glanced over how I wanted to make the industry of writing easier to navigate for us simpletons.  Hint Hint   That's me working on a platform.  It's not just hot air either, I really feel strongly about it.  This is where my 'Firsts Fridays' come in too.

Everyone in their writing journey experiences firsts.  Even Stephen King had to start somewhere.  I'd like to spotlight that!  Each Friday I'm going to try my darnedest to get an interview from some debut authors, new agents, editors, fresh platform builders as well as pick the brains of some old hands in the business and take them back to some of their firsts as a way to inspire us newbies to be better and always strive for greater things.

So join me back here on Friday and see who my very first spotlight will be.  You won't be sorry.  Heck I may even throw in some giveaways.  Oh, and between you me, I've got some things a brewin' in my little noggin' (who said college drop outs couldn't do things:) that can really get us newbies on our feet.  More on that later though.

Until next time...


Robyn Campbell said...

Firsts are awesome. I am querying my middle grade novel. Well, right now I am hunting agents. Whew. What a job that is. When I first started, I figured you just go down the agent list querying as you go. Not so. Very time consuming.

Your Firsts Fridays' sounds really great. I'll be here. :-)

Juliana L. Brandt said...

This is such a great idea. I can't wait for the first one!

Book Lover said...

I find it scary ow much I adore those shoes.... not that I'd have any where to wear them.

Loved your post. It really has me thinking.... I do have a platform but not sure they'd be the ones to read my novels.....

Can't wait until Friday!

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

Oooo, love, love, love those shoes! And Firsts Fridays sounds great. I'll be back! : )

Debbie Maxwell Allen said...

I love Katz's book. It's probably time for me to reread it. My copy has sticky notes sprouting from the pages!

Your idea for First Fridays is fantastic. I'll be back to see who you feature. I love to hear debut stories. It makes me realize that the dream is possible.


Angela Scott said...

Oh, those shoes are AWESOME! Wow! I want zombie shoes--no, I NEED zombie shoes. That's amazing.

Your First Fridays sound wonderful. I'll have to come back tomorrow and see what great things you're doing over here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you. I have 2 holes in my heart and I am inoperable right now.

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