Monday, October 24, 2011

Choose Your Adventure and Killer Characters is here!

It's here folks! If you are here because of the Choose Your Own Adventure Bloghop and you chose to Open the doorway to the smaller dome, please read below. If you dont know what I'm talking about but it sounds fun, feel free to start your adventure now...

If you are here for the Killer Characters Blogfest, you can still get in on the action. Check out the deets HERE!

And now to continue your adventure...
Open the doorway to the smaller dome.

You stare back over your shoulder at the gargantuan monster and almost laugh at how familiar his snake eyes have become. It’s those eyes that urge you forward, like a parent sending you off to your first day of school. You are surprised at how much you would rather stay with the serpent than inch through this new door. The eerie black hallway lit only by white razor teeth at the end isn’t giving you the comfort escaping a massive monster is supposed to give. At least you can take off the breathing apparatus. You suck in air caring little that it’s dank and stale. Breathing on your own gives you the courage you need to move forward.

It doesn’t take long for the walk to seem never ending, and you’ve forgotten already how grateful you are to be breathing air. It’s cold, the stench of something is sitting rotten in your nostrils, and you’re bone tired. You reach out for something, anything to hold onto as you dare one last glance over your shoulder. Right as you see the strange monster friend is gone, your hand slides along a slimy, warm shape. You scream out, and your shaky legs find the adrenaline to bolt you toward the light. Anything ahead has to be better than what your mind has conjured up from the slime and stench in the dark.

The further you go, the larger the light ahead becomes until you begin to see it isn’t white jaws ready to gnash your limbs to shreds at all, but the reflection of sunlight against a vast body of water. A new doorway frames this odd land. Or have you found the doorway to your world? It matters little when you see the sandy beach and an endless stone path leading away from the underwater abyss you were sure would be your death.

Fear momentarily grips your insides as a man appears at the start of the path. You stop dead in your tracks as this tall man with mesmerizing blue eyes the color of the sea holds out his hand to you. The pull toward him is undeniable, but something else about him tickles your memory in an odd way and you wonder what you should do.

Do you take the man’s hand and let him lead you down the path?
Do you turn tail and run as fast as you can in the other direction?


Wendy Lu said...

Oh my, this was chilling! I get spooked easily by scary movies and stories so you definitely nailed it! Great build-up of suspense. If it were me, I would probably turn tail and run the opposite way!

Can't wait for the rest of the blogfest!


The Red Angel Blog

PK HREZO said...

How fun! I loved those books as a kid. What a great idea for a bloghop!

Angela Cothran said...

I'm kind of a chicken so I will pick option 2 :)

Emily R. King said...

I would be freaked out, but I'd like to think I'd swallow my fear. Who knows, I'm probably chicken.
Well-written post!

Deborah Walker said...

This doesn't bode well. I'm freaking, too.

Tara Tyler said...

since i must be dreaming, i go with hunky joe =)

Unknown said...

My favorite thing about this post: How strongly it juxtaposes the soft, warm feel of your blog. Awesome!

Lydia Gray said...

This game is fun. Thank you :)

I'm going with the guy, I'm easily seduced by amazing blue eyes.

Alleged Author said...

What do you mean momentarily? As soon as the guy appears, I totally freak out!

Ms Saba (aka Teacher007.5) said...

I've been brave up to this point but I'm ready to run!!!!!!!