Monday, October 29, 2012

GUTGAA Critique Groups and Final Prizes!

Now that GUTGAA has come to an end I've been able to relax, spend time with my family and begin plotting a new novel. Life is good! I hope everyone enjoyed all the festivities over the past month. I know I did! There were so many requests made! I really couldn't be happier...unless you all land agents and grab book deals from it:)

I apologize for not being at my best toward the end of the blogfest. I wasn't able to get to the last prizes so I'm doing that now. Check HERE to see if you won:)

Also, to those that helped out with GUTGAA, I can't thank you enough. I SERIOUSLY wouldn't have been able to do it without you guys! I wish I could list everyone, but there were just sooooo many. Please know how very grateful I am to you!

Now, for critique groups. I've finally been able to out them together and I did so based on the info you all gave me. Thanks for your patience with this.

I will list the groups below. Please go find the names on the initial sign up list HERE. There you can read their interests as well as contact info. If an email address was left I'll put it beside the name as well. It is my sincere hope that these groups work out, but if not, I'm very sorry:( You are welcome to try to contact anyone on the list yourself and look for yourself to find your perfect match.

Group 1
Connie Dowell - cgbdowell (at) gmail (dot) com
Heather B (Heather Brady)

Group 2
Fel Wetzig -
Diana Riggins -
Bobbi Romans -

Group 3
Kathryn Blake -
Misa Buckley -

Group 4
L. Dean Pace French -
Carrie-Anne -
Katie J.H. Teller -
Robbie Macniven -

Group 5
Abby Cavenaugh -
Karma Brown

Group 6
T.J. -
Todd R. Moody -
Cregg Stuart Hardwick -

Group 7
Kim -
Aldrea - aldreaalien(at)
Kay Kauffman -

Group 8
Amy Cavenaugh -
Melissa Sugar -
Hunter Emkay -
Daniel -

Group 9
Jeri Walker-Bickett -
Jenny -
Mia Siegert -

Group 10
Selim Yeniceri -
Amanda Salisbury -
Dr. Margaret Aranda -

Group 11
Cheryl Hettick -
Heather Riffle -

Group 12
Jen Haight -
Ellen Rozek -
Jess Schira -
Meagan -
Jodie Andrefski -

Group 13
Kissed by Ink -
Emily Mead -

Group 14
Beth Pond -
Diana Gallagher -

Group 15
Jodie Andrefski -
Jenna -

Group 16
Quixcy -
Jenfromtheblock -
Connie -
Lyla -

Group 17
Jadzia Brandli -
Rebecca Ethington -

Group 18
priyakanaparti -
Lindsey Frydman -

Group 19
Amanda Foody -
Anime -

Group 20
Meghan Kirkland - 
Brinda Berry -

Group 21
Ruth Anne Frost -
Heather M Bryant -
Sarah J. -

Group 22
Jessica Becker -
Jessica Foster -
Johana Vera -
Meghan Drummond -

Group 23
Stacey Nash -
Kathleen -
Paula Sangare -
Virginia Boecker -
Lauren Spieller -

Group 24
Rebecca Fyfe -
Donna L Martin -

Group 25
Brandon Stenger -
Craig Schmidt -

Group 26
Rachel -
VikLit -
Sara -
Alex Brown -


Johana Vera said...

Thank You!!!! Go Group 22 :)

Jessie Humphries said...

Thanks again Deana for all your continuing hard work! You've got some great Karma comin'!

T.J. said...

You did an absolutely FABULOUS job and I cannot thank you enough for all of the opportunities presented.

Jeri said...

Thanks so much for going to the effort to put this together. I commented on a whim and have lucked out by working with Jenny Herrera for over a month now. I'm excited to also work with Mia as well.

Tara Tyler said...

look how fabulous you are! bringing all these writers together!

and thanks so much for gutgaa! i was happy to be part of bringing writers & agents together!

how goes your publishing status?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are all kinds of awesome! Critique groups . . . I should probably join one of those sometime, lol.

Unknown said...

Ah I looked at the list and discovered I had typed my email in wrong :( It's

Deana said...

Thanks guys! I was happy to do it:)

Tara - I am doing a round of revisions right we shall see:)

Meghan- I updated your email address for you:)

Carrie-Anne said...

You did an awesome job with GUTGAA this year! I couldn't believe how many people participated.

Did you ever find out what happened to the last small press editors who never came by?

Donna L Martin said...

Lol...thanks, Rebecca...I already am friends with Rebecca and we both write picture books...;~)

Donna L Martin

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

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Anonymous said...

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