Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blogfest Story Chain Assignments

Here we go folks.  Your assignments are below.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  If you need more detailed info on the rules of times etc.  Please go HERE.  But just so you know all times below are in US Eastern time zone.
Pretty please post by the time beside your name so we can keep the chain going.  If, by the time the next poster is to go and you haven't posted, you will be forfeit from the chain.

After reading the responses about the story I have decided to not do the copy/paste method.  I would, however like the person posting to put the link of the poster ahead of them before their post and the link the person after them, at the end of their post.  (Jen, since you are on Twitter you don't have to do that:)  That way we will have a chain and if a person wants to go to the beginning, the links will take them all the way through. If someone does forget to do this it is no biggie, just go back to this post and click on the link.

Here is an example of how your post will look.

Link of poster before you.....

Your post.....

Link of poster going next.....

Make sense?

Friday I will post the complete story on my blog.  I will also announce the winner of the double critique given by Rach Harrie from Rach Writes

Good luck and have a blast with it.  The main thing to remember is this is FUN and we are hear to meet awesome new writers and get our creative juices flowing.  

So....let the story chain begin! 

Nata - Tuesday Evening
Introduce us to the main character and pick whether you would like the story in 1st person or third.
Your words are: pickle, savage, red

Fiction and Film - 5AM
Please tell us what the MC's goal in life at this point of the story is.
Your words are: subconscious, ache, terrified

Andrea Mack - 6:30 AM
Let us know what the MC's flaw is (the thing he/she tries to work through throughout the story).

Your words are: justify, bookcase, nostril

Meghan Kirkland - 7:45 AM
Fill us in on some back story if you could, but try to weave it in instead of just telling us.

Your words are: scrumptious, bed, grass

Shelly Brown - 8AM
Introduce us to a love interest.

Your words are: erratic, boggle, zombie

Catherine Johnson - 8:30 AM
Write what you want, but show us, don't tell us about it.

Your words are: big toe, Cadillac, baby.

Marcie Bridges - 8:45 AM
Begin a scene that will change the direction of the story.  Surprise us:)

Your words are: funny, Europe, fuzz ball

Deana Barnhart - 9:00 AM
Create something that will change the MC's life.

Your words are: cough, butterscotch, drown

Juliana Brandt - 9:30 AM
Expand on the thing that will change the MC's life (from the poster above).
Your words are: booger, shampoo, weasel

Frost Lord - 9:45 AM
Give us some conflicting emotions the MC is dealing with.

You words are: planet, guitar, flower

Callie Kingston - 10AM

Is MC's goal different from before? (2nd poster talked about this)  If so, tell us what it is now, if the same, give us more info about it.
Your words are: buck, ironing board, sleep

Angelina C Hansen - 10:30AM
Create a subplot (anything will do)
Your words are: suffocate, sell, shut up

J. Ro - 11AM
Write what you like, but don't use any adverbs (ly words) when you do.
Your words are: Science fiction, cramps, snag

Nicole Zoltack - 11:30AM

Give us a scene with dialog.
Your words are: butt cheek, towel, mustard

Loralie Hall - 12PM
Give us a scene with action

Your words are: awesome, dress, flake

Been there, done that - 1PM
Make the reader sad

Your words are: pixie, spike, larva

Amy Kennedy - 1:30PM
Weave some back story in (the 5th poster did this also if you want to look at it).

Your words are: kiss, delve, bruise
Weaving a Tale or Two - 2PM
This is the middle of the middle of the story.  Help the MC gain all the knowledge she needs to take her through the rest of the story.
Your words are: get, safe, muddle

Lindy - 2:45PM
With the knowledge MC has gained (see post above) help him/her make a plan to get what he/she wants
Your words are: bank, t-shirt, salt

A.E. Martin - 3PM
Try to make the reader feel happy

Your words are: ride, suggest, spray

Christina's Writing Buzz - 3:15PM
Have the MC interact with someone or something.

Your words are:tv, chest, brace
Suspending Disbelief - 3:30PM
Have the MC understand something they didn't before.

Your words are: Texas, flip flop, argue

Jamie Ayres - 4PM
Expand on the post before yours, but add dialogue

Your words are: hissy fit, drawer, ghost

Rachel Dillon - 5PM
Take the previous post and continue building tension toward the crisis.

Your words are: type, blood, jacked up

Lora Rivera - 6PM
This is the crisis point.  Give it to us!

Your words are: cliff, shout, tooth pick

An Alleged Author - 6:30PM
Take the last post and continue witht he crisis

Your words are: chalice, cage, papers

KP Simmon's Musings - 7PM
Take the last two posts dealing with crisis and bring the crisis to an end

Your words are: strapped, knee, kill

Word by Word - 8PM
Have the MC make a plan as we gear up to the climax

Your words are: retreat, shell, diaper

Margaret Fieland - 9PM
Give us some subplot closure (the 13th poster started a subplot).

Your words are: jail, concubine, heave

Taylor Roseberry - 9:30PM
Show us a serious moment

Your words are: moon, plant, fight

Robin Weeks - 10:30PM
Start the climax of the story

Your words are: song, prejudice, string

Angie Cothran - 11:30PM
Continue the climax from the above post

Your words are: Velcro, pastel, jumble

Melodie Wright - 12AM
Begin wrapping up the story after the climax (from above to posts)

Your words are: blue, seldom, carriage

The Neophyte Writer - Thursday 8AM
End the story
Your words are: shackle, base, tender


A.J. Locke said...

this should be challenging and a lot of fun!

Unknown said...

Deana, you're fantabulous, have I told you that?
About how long should the posts be?

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

Another question. Are we allowed to read all the posts leading up to our post or are we just supposed to read the one right before us?

Anonymous said...

This is going to be hilarious, I am terrible at showing instead of telling :P

Deana said...

AE- I 'm glad you think so:) I'm excited about it!

Lora- I am making it 100-1000 words so you can really work your creative juices as much or as little as you like. Jen (our Twitter chick will be 140 characters:)

Shelly- I am going to leave that up to the individual. We all work different so I think if you would prefer to read it all...go for it:)

Catherine- Awesome, I'm glad I picked you for it then:) This is all about challenging us while having fun:)

amy kennedy said...

I'm so excited about this. You know, at first I was all, WHAT have I gotten myself into? But now, I realize the world won't explode if my post is lame. Right? It won't will it? Just kidding. I'm gonna let myself go.

And Catherine, sometimes some "telling" has to happen.

Unknown said...

Ha Angie Cothran! Looks like I HAVE to write you into a corner! What's a climax without a great moment of "oh, no! How can the hero possibly win?"

Tee hee.

*rubs hands with glee*

Deana said...

Amy- Who told you it wouldn't explode? Hehe, I kid:) Make it as completely LAME as you want it!

And you are so right about showing vs telling. In fact I have one poster who is transitioning and I ask that they 'tell'. See guys, I am trying to incorporate our week one questions into it too:)

Robin - Love it! The juiciness of it all is already beginning. Mwahhaha:)

Nata said...

Deana you've done so much! And the links on really help although they were probably a pain to put in. Thanks so much for everything!

Kate Larkindale said...

This is gonna be fun!

TayLyee said...

I think I got the awesome part :D Can't wait!

Michelle Fayard said...

Deana, these details are incredible. We should be doing something nice for you after all you've done for us. Sending you a virtual hug!


Deana said...

Thanks giys! It has been a lot of hard work but SO MUCH FUN! I am seriously loving reading the story chain!

Rachael Harrie said...

The story chain sounds like awesome fun! I can't wait to read the complete story :)



Jasmine Walt said...

I didn't realize that you had to specifically request to be in the story chain-- am I too late to get in on this then? ):

Donna K. Weaver said...

This has been SO much fun!

Deana said...

Rachelle- It is a good one:)

Jasmine- I'm sorry, but that was the way it was planned. I'd love to do it again one day though...after I rest:)

Deana said...

Donna- I couldn't agree more! This has been sooooo much fun:)