Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 2 Blogfest Story Chain Times

Happy Tuesday my lovely blogfest buddies!  Before I get to the times for everyone to post their portion of the story chain, I had a couple of things to run by you:

-The person above your name is the person that will be posting before you.  The person after your name will be posting after you.  These are your story chain buddies and I thought it would be great if you all could get to know them as well as write with them:)

- The time beside your name is not the exact time you have to post.  As long as you post your portion of the story AFTER the person above you and BY the time listed beside your name...you're perfect.

- If the person before you has not posted by the time they have beside their name for some reason, then they will be forfeit from the story chain and you will go to the person above them.  Do as you would before: read their post, then do yours.

- The times below are all in Eastern Time Zone US.  Please let me know if you have questions to how this relates to your time zone.  I've been learning a lot about it through this little blogfest:)

- The time beside your name is not set in stone. If your time doesn't work shoot me an email or comment below and tell me what will.

- Later in the day I will be posting the words and dilema for your portion of the story so stay tuned for that.  I should have it ready by 5PM eastern time.

I think that's it!

Now without further ado...

Nata - Tuesday Evening

Fiction and Film - 5AM

Andrea Mack - 6:30 AM

Jen Daiker - 7:30 AM (Twitter acct)

Meghan Kirkland - 7:45 AM

Shelly Brown - 8AM

Catherine Johnson - 8:30 AM

Marcie Bridges - 8:45 AM

Deana Barnhart - 9:00 AM

Juliana Brandt - 9:30 AM

Frost Lord - 9:45 AM

Callie Kingston - 10AM

Angelina C Hansen - 10:30AM

J. Ro - 11AM

Nicole Zoltack - 11:30AM

Loralie Hall - 12PM

It Had to Happen - 12:30PM

Been there, done that - 1PM

Amy Kennedy - 1:30PM

Weaving a Tale or Two - 2PM

Lindy - 2:45PM

A.E. Martin - 3PM

Christina's Writing Buzz - 3:15PM

Suspending Disbelief - 3:30PM

Jamie Ayres - 4PM

Vicky Bruere - 4:30PM

Rachel Dillon - 5PM

Lora Rivera - 6PM

An Alleged Author - 6:30PM

KP Simmon's Musings - 7PM

Kathy Stemke - 7:30

Word by Word - 8PM

Margaret Fieland - 9PM

Taylor Roseberry - 9:30PM

Novel Thinking - 10PM

Robin Weeks - 10:30PM

Angie Cothran - 11:30PM

Melodie Wright - 12AM

The Neophyte Writer - Thursday 8AM


Small Town Shelly Brown said...

Will do!

I'm happy to be part. Thanks for the 'fest!

This must be a bugger to organize so, really, thanks!

Angela Cothran said...

I'm super excited! This will be fun!

Jaye Robin Brown said...

Should each person cut and paste the person's before them, so we have the whole story up to that entry on each blog?

Deana said...

Thanks guys!

And J Ro, no you don't need to do that for two reasons. 1)I'm going to put it all together at the end for everyone to read and 2)Not seeing what everyone else's reads, except for the one in front of you is what will make the end result so funny...I hope:)
Also, wanting to read others posts and having to go to their blogs is a good way for us all to visit blogs and follow those we like, etc.
I hope that helps answer your question:)

Unknown said...

So sorry I wasn't able to do it on the blog but I'll be sure to follow Andrea Mack and get my sentence done!!! Creative in 140 characters... Eek... Looking forward to the challenge!

Quick question - Do we all use the same three words for our story??? Won't that make it repetive. Shoot me an email if I'm missing something or if you'll be giving us EACH our seperate words.

Unknown said...

Can we encourage people to be sure to post links to the part before and the one after yours? The AFTER is the most critical, methinks, so a reader can quickly navigate through the whole story-fest later without having to come back here for the order. Obviously, this won't work with the twitter participants, but blog posters should be able to do it. (Though we might have to edit our posts later to include the exact link of the next part.)

Unknown said...

Sounds fantastic! Maybe it will become a New York Times Best Seller!

Anonymous said...

This is going to be so much fun, so for now we only need to check the person before us in time to right ours and then read them altogether later, sweet!

Deana said...

Jen- I have faith in you!:) As for the words, no they will all be different words for everyone. With yours, I may only make one since you have a very limited amount to work with.

Robin- This sounds good. I will ask that everyone does that with the links and as far as twitter, we only have one so that should work out fine.

Kathy- that would be so cool! :)

Catherine- Yes, for now that is it. I am putting together the assignments as we speak and then the fun will really begin!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't see Shelley's so sorry. I've just posted mine after Meghan.