Monday, September 24, 2012

Agent Pitch Finalist #32 - Between the Currents

YA paranormal


Sleep terrors have plagued Lilah's nights since childhood. Years later, the episodes are increasing, each night whisking her in lucid dream to Hawaii, a place she loves as much as she hates.

Living in listless Williamsburg, Virginia, Lilah spends equal parts moping her way through community college and avoiding conflict with her mother when life finally begins. In dream she meets Koa, a native Hawaiian with secrets, the most compelling being she cannot touch him without receiving an electric jolt. It is Koa who will prove to Lilah she isn't dreaming, awakening her to the unimaginable world of astral travel.  Within this new world, Lilah discovers her gift – a skill she had no idea she possessed.

When Hawaiian myth collides with reality, Lilah finds herself the crux of an ancient fight over astral travel and is forced to face her greatest fear: trusting herself.

BETWEEN THE CURRENTS is a modern love story where truth and myth converge between astral travel and the waves of the Pacific ocean.

First 150 Words:

They purred in my ears, buzzed through my veins. The vibrations coursed beneath my skin, sparking at each nerve and escaping my pores.

I was paralyzed.

Only able to move my head, my eyes bounced from one corner of the ceiling to the next as I watched for the blur.

Like clockwork it appeared, a silver-white cloud materializing above me. Nothing more than a haze of pearl, the blur began to do what the blur did: push my body into my bed.

Along with the pushing, the vibrations grew louder, taking on a rhythm, a melody set to an electric metronome. It pulsed into me, up and down, like the pricking of a needle on a sewing machine.


I heard it, the buzzing.

I felt it, the pricking.
Squeezing my eyes shut, I screamed from inside my head, Go away…please, GO AWAY!!! The intensity of my pleas twisted my face, each overstressed syllable scrunching my features.