Monday, September 24, 2012

Agent Pitch Finalist #38 - Existence

YA sci-fi  


Seventeen-year-old Chrissie Fox prefers living in the past, literally. She and her father Curve through the ages to prevent a group of agents called Time Flyers from changing the past in order to alter the future. Her trips must be kept secret, friendships or romance are out of the question. Even when a cute boy, Ashton, seems interested in her.

Life is perfect until Chrissie's father is fatally stabbed by a Time Flyer who attempts to steal the pocket watch that allows them to Curve through time. Even with the ability to travel to the past, she knows changing what happened could rip the fabric of time and transform the future. It's safer to leave the past alone.

Chrissie is just beginning to accept life without her father when Ashton discovers her watch and activates a Time Curve. Forced to travel with him, she finds herself at the scene of her father's death, moments before the crime. Face to face with her father's murderer, Chrissie and Ashton set out to bring her father justice.

Instead of finding justice, her watch is stolen, leaving both Chrissie and Ashton stuck in the past. In a race against time, Chrissie must recover her watch or risk the world's existence.

First 150 Words:

Chrissie Fox could taste the metallic sting of time on her tongue. In one hand she held an ancient pocket watch with a cylindrical key inserted. Her other hand was entwined with her father’s. She took a deep breath to let the taste clear. Traveling from past to future was always a little unsettling and it took her a minute to adjust.
Her father let go of her hand and together they looked around. She was standing on an immaculate green lawn. To her right stood a stone gazebo, to her left a wrought iron gate.
Chrissie’s father cleared his throat, a map held out in front of him. “I think we’re at George Washington University.”
“And where is the President supposed to be again?”
“Washington Hilton Hotel. A few blocks west. We’ll have to run.”
“Got it.”
Chrissie took the key out of the back of the watch and slung both items around her neck and under her over-sized sweater.

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I would love to see more! Could you please send a synopsis and the first 3 chapters to me at Thanks!!