Monday, September 24, 2012

GUTGAA Agent Pitch Contest - Final Round!!

Deana Barnhart

Congrats again to the 50 Finalists who made it through to the agent round of the Gearing Up to Get an Agent Pitch Contest! Whittling down the 200 entrants was no easy task for the judges. You all deserve a big round of applause! If your interested in checking out all 200 pitches, click on any of the four host links below.  

Adult: Jaye Robin Brown
YA 1: Falling For Fiction
YA 2: Robin Weeks
YA 3: Cassie Mae

For those of you that did make the final 50, as well as those interested in watching the agent action, here's how it's going to go down this week.

- 12 agents (though I got word that a couple extra agents may be browsing the finalist's entries) will have until Friday to read through each query and first 150 words.

- Agents can make general comments on entries as well as request partials or fulls.

- There is no limit to how many requests they can make nor is there a limit to how many requests a finalist can receive.

- Only agents will be able to comment on the pitches this week. All others will be deleted.

- After Friday, anyone else is welcome to comment on the entries.

That's it! Simple really.

I will also be posting part 2 and 3 of the agent Q&A throughout the week. If you didn't get to read part 1, go HERE. The agents were dropping nuggets of wisdom left and well as spilling the beans about fun stuff too.

Also, if you're planning on entering the small press pitch contest, entry windows will open Friday. Check out the schedule in the side bar to the right for more details.

As always, feel free to chat it up on Twitter using the #GUTGAA hastag.

Finalists. Good luck!!! Let the fun begin!!!!!


LisaAnn said...


Abby Minard said...

Is the formatting and subject line going to be the same for the small press contest? I am going to be out of town on Friday and want to have it all ready Thursday night to just hit send from my phone at 10am. Thanks!

Deana said...

Abby- Yes it is. But there will now be two windows; the first will start at 11AM EST and the second will begin at 4PM EST.

Donna K. Weaver said...

Good lucks to the finalists!

Angela Brown said...

Wishing the very best for the pitches that made it to the next round and crossing fingers and toes for those gearing up for the small press pitches. Let's do this!

GUTGAA-excited :-)