Monday, September 24, 2012

Agent Pitch Finalist #48 - The Nameless Warrior

TITLE: The Nameless Warrior
GENRE: Adult Fantasy
WORD COUNT: 118,000


Kindra Odion has trained the past eight summers to become her tribe’s first woman warrior, and avenge her father’s death. Many in her tribe expect her to fail, but she endures the whipping ceremony to prove her strength. It is her proudest moment, until she fails to receive her warrior name.

Kindra is determined to earn her name in battle regardless of the cost, until an enemy tribe arrives claiming her sister is to marry their chief as part of a peace treaty their father negotiated. Kindra knows he would never sell his daughter to the Obsidians, and is eager to fight. But when her chief allows them to take her sister, Kindra sets aside all thoughts of avenging her father and receiving her name.

The chief’s decision begins to divide the tribe. Half of the warriors assume he’s too cowardly to oppose the much larger Obsidian Nation. The other half believe he’s trying to eliminate Kindra's family, the only ones who could overthrow his power. As evidence of the chief’s treachery is discovered it threatens to place her entire tribe in the hands of the Obsidians. Kindra’s the only one who can depose the chief and save her tribe, but it will mean giving up the quest to rescue her sister, and the hope of ever becoming a named warrior.


Beads of sweat trickled down Kindra Odion’s spine as she sat cross-legged in the stillness of the vision tent. The fire had burned down to coals. The only sound was the crack of the embers and the whispered prayers of the High Priestess as she walked slowly between the inductees, blessing their foreheads with her oil-soaked fingers. Kindra’s twin sister, Kaye, followed behind with a clay pitcher of vision wine.

The long white dress of the High Priestess swished softly as she made her rounds. She dipped her fingers in the bowl of oil, placed them on Kindra’s forehead, and whispered her blessing.

“May Eoin recognize your spirit and welcome it as His own. May He bless you with courage in battle, strength to defeat your enemies, and wisdom to know when the fight is finished.”

Kindra bowed her head and the High Priestess moved on. Kaye stepped into her place and handed Kindra the pitcher.


Linda Glaz said...

Sounds intriguing, sorry I don't handle fantasy.

Hannah Bowman said...

This seems intriguing to me. Could I see 50 pages and a synopsis as Word or pdf files, sent to, please?