Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Introducing Editors and 1st Round Judges for the GUTGAA Small Press Contest

The GUTGAA Agent Pitch Contest is in full swing! Which means that the Small Press Pitch Contest is fast approaching! And if you're planning on getting in on that action, I'm sure you want to know who the 1st round judges and editors are, right? 

Here they are...

Small Presses
I'm so excited about this group and the editors that have agreed to take the time to read your pitches. Let's welcome them, shall we?
Christa Desir

Nina Bruhns
Amy Lichtenhan

Katie Henson

Curiosity Quills
Krystal Wade

Andrew Buckley

Jessa Russo

Kate Kaynak
Spencer Hill Contemporary 
Patricia Riley

Mallory Braus

Deborah Smith

1st Round Judges
The first round judges are all, or soon to be, published by a small press. They are, they're completely amazing. I wanted to get mini bios for them, but ran out of time. Instead, I'm adding links to their blogs and twitter so you can stalk them as much as you want:) FYI: These will be the people that vote you through to the editor round

Jamie Ayres

Sharon Bayliss

Brinda Berry

Nancy Thompson

Carrie Butler

Heather McCorkle

Victoria Smith

Denise Tompkins

Anna Silver

Elizabeth Arroyo

Courtney Young

Adriana Ryan

Danielle Ellison

Michelle Hauck

Kelley Lynn

Lisa Regan

Pretty great line up if I do say so myself! If you're interested in getting your work in front of any of these small presses, here's your chance. Go HERE to sign up. Learn more about GUTGAA HERE. Talk it up on twitter using the #GUTGAA hashtag and we'll see you soon!


Heather M Bryant said...

Okay, this is my new aim! And from a real quick stalk, it looks like you've got us more awesomeness Deana :)

Angela Brown said...

Thanks for announcing this great line up of editors and judges. I agree with Heather. More awesomeness, Deana.

Very well done!

gailecn said...

Wow - a lot of small presses!

It looks like only one publishes MG, and they only want sci-fi, fantasy, & paranormal (Spencer Hill). No contemporary MG, so it looks like I'm out this time around. If anyone read differently, please let me know:)

(Just an FYI for others - I didn't see anyone looking for picture books or chapter books, either.)

Good luck to all who enter! Small presses are awesome. I have a CP who publishes through a small press, and is super happy with them.

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

What an amazing line up! Thanks for doing this!

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

What an amazing line up! Thanks for doing this!

Deana said...

Thanks guys!

And yes, sadly I had a harder time finding small presses that were looking for PB, chapter books and a wider range of MG. I am always open for adding new ones, though, so if you all know of anyone, have them contact me:)

Victoria Smith said...

So excited to take part Deana!

Ink in the Book said...

Many of these publishers, editors and judges have seen my work. some of them have seen my stuff a lot. I hope the improvements I've made wow them this time!

Deana said...

I'm excited to have you Victoria!

And Talynn, I hope so too!!! I'm rooting for you:)

Tracy MacDonald said...

I'm amazed and impressed by this line up. Deana- you'r e awesome to do this. Good luck to all those who enter- my ms is a chapter book so I'm not in for this round. Good luck to you all!

Ru said...

This is so great! When are the entry rounds for these pitches?

Carrie-Anne said...

Looks like Sapphire Star is the only one that would seriously consider straight historical fiction. It's worth a shot anyway.

Deana said...

The entry windows will open up Friday, Sept 28th. You can check out the full schedule on the right sidebar, though there are a couple tiny changes that will be made.

Deana said...

Yes! Go for it Carrie-Anne:)

JohnO said...

You've done a ton of great work here!

Donea Lee said...

Awesome ~ wow! What a great line up of small presses!! I've heard of quite a few of these!!

Best of luck to anyone entering!! And thanks, again and again, Deana!! I'm just so impressed with GUTGAA! I can't even imagine the hours/days/weeks/months you've put into this! You ROCK!! :)

Nick Wilford said...

Hi Deana! I signed up (again) and excited to try for the small press contest. What a great range of editors and judges. One question, how many words should our pitch be? :)

Aldrea Alien said...

I'm looking at how many spots, how many have joined up and considering the odds on being one of the first hundred.

It's going to be crazy all up in that inbox. Who's willing to bet it'll fill in under a minute? *raises hand*

Now to see how I can better unfuzz my query ...

Carrie Butler said...

I can't wait! :)

Unknown said...

Wow another fab line up!!

Thanks for another great opportunity Deana. You are one giving and special lady to organize all this for the writing community.

Anonymous said...

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