Monday, September 17, 2012

Rd 1 Agent Pitch Contest #1 - NIGHT OF THE LIVING ZOM-PEAS



Edgar LOVES vegetables. He can't get enough of them. But when everyone, including the President of the United States, starts sending their unwanted veggies to Edgar, he realizes that too much of a good thing can be, well, too much. Edgar tries to put an end to the vegetable deliveries, finally burying them deep in some very fertile soil. Add some moonlight, a little dew and the creepiest of gardens grows. NIGHT OF THE LIVING ZOM-PEAS is The Twilight Zone meets your dinner plate! Don't be surprised, parents, if your kids want to eat more vegetables by the last page.

First 150 Words:

Edgar loved vegetables. He couldn’t get enough of them.
He was crazy about the crunch, frantic for the freshness, and swooned over the snap!
Whenever someone did not want to eat their vegetables,
peas snuck,broccoli crept and lima beans wandered onto Edgar’s plate.
It started with his sister. Then his parents.
But soon veggies came from everywhere. Teachers, neighbors,
school crossing guards, the mailman
doctors,astronauts, zookeepers,
Even the President of the United States!
One day,upon delivery of some string beans from the Queen of England, Edgar had more vegetables than he could eat!
He tried to send the vegetables back.
He hid under his bed,
He wore a disguise.
He went on vacation.
But the vegetables always found him.
He asked his pets for help, but rabbits can only eat so many veggies.
The goldfish only stared at them
and the dog quit after an unsavory batch of Brussels sprouts gave him the burps.


SugarMagnolia said...

Thanks for participating! My plan is to read through all the entries and then begin my comments and critiques. I will give out my top ten my votes when I'm finished.

Best of luck to you, and stay tuned!

Wendy said...

Fun, fun, title! The idea of Zom-peas made me LOL!
I like the premise, but I wonder if some of your language works at cross purposes. I gather from your query that your intent is to get kids to eat more vegetables, but people from all over the world would rather send them to your protagonist than eat them. And you say the Brussels sprouts were "unsavory" so I'm not sure how you're going to convince kids they don't want to send them to the protagonist too and let them be his problem!

Marcie Colleen said...

Thanks, SugarMagnolia for stopping by! :) Honored to be participating.
Regarding Wendy's comment, my intention is not to write a book that promotes eating veggies. Although if it keeps the Zom-Peas away, they might want to! :)

The Rooster said...

Send me this book!!! Seriously, my youngest would love to read this. And I can only imagine what great illustrations will come of this. Everything is clear, funny, and I'd love to know more about those Zom-Peas!

You have my vote!!

Tracy MacDonald said...

I love the idea of this book, and the title is very creative. I would love to know about that garden!

Violet said...

I love this. Zombies might no longer be hot in YA, but as the mother of a zombie-obsessed child, I can tell you kids still LOVE them!

The query is fantastic! I love how it reads like your opening pages--fun and clever! Like my fellow judge said, I want this right now! My daughter would LOVE this book!


BEEZER said...

Aw...I'm not judging on this blog, but you would SO have my vote!!


SugarMagnolia said...

This is so cute. What a lovely, lovely idea, and your words are so evocative that I know exactly what's going on without even needing the illustrations. (The potential for wonderful illustrations is definitely a huge bonus!)

I read all my GUTGAA entries backwards, so yours is actually my very last one. And I like it so much that I won't waste time telling you...


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